Who is my donation going to?

Your donation is going to a portfolio of 38 excellent black-led and centered grassroots political organizations working at the intersection of electoral politics and justice reform in the swing states and states most affected by voter suppression. 

How are the organizations selected?

In order to make sure your donations go where they are needed most we’ve partnered with the Drum Major PAC which works to strengthen progressive power at all levels of government by helping donors – big and small – support the best and most promising local community-based organizations in key states, with a focus on youth and communities of color. They support hundreds of incredible organizations that both turn out unlikely voters and organize communities to grow their power and create transformation, from policy to the streets. 

We work with some of the country’s foremost Democracy, justice, and community organizing experts from organizations like One For Democracy, Movement Voter Project, Groundwork Project, Black Church PAC, Galaxy Gives and the Georgia Alliance to help us build the most impactful strategy and support the most effective organizations. They've selected proven vetted organizations from their portfolio based on the below criteria:

  • Electoral Justice: We are investing in organizations working at the intersection of electoral politics and criminal justice reform. These groups are doing year-round organizing on the issues that their communities care about, particularly criminal justice reform and police violence, and engaging in important local elections for district attorney, sheriff, and judges that determine whether racist police are charged, whether cash bail is upheld, and whether immigrant families are torn apart. By building credible relationships and engaging community members on the issues that are affecting them and their families these groups are able expand the base of voters in important swing states and change our local and national politics and policies.
  • Black Led and Centered: We are investing in organizations that are black led and centered who as a result are working to expand the base of black voters and black political power. Investing in these groups has become more important than ever in this moment where the structural racism at the core of our American society has boiled over into highly public state violence and now uprising. These groups already on the ground are positioned to capture the energy and urgency of the moment and turn it into progress at the ballot box.
  • Geography: We are investing in organizations working in key states that are most suited to swing left or have major impact on electoral justice. 
  • Track Record: We are investing in organizations that have been vetted and validated in partnership with the Drum Major Coalition. These organizations have a proven track record of running effective electoral organizing programs and moving the needle on criminal justice reform.
  • Financial Need and Growth Potential: We also look for organizations that have programs with a clear path to scale where additional dollars will make a tangible impact on election outcomes.
Will the orgs I’m supporting ever change?

As organizations reach their funding goals we will rotate them out of the portfolio either adding new organizations that meet our funding criteria or concentrating your donation to help close the funding gaps of the other organizations in our portfolio.

Who runs Done With This Sh!t?

Done with Th!s Shit was founded by social justice entrepreneur Xander Schultz.

Who can donate to Done with the Sh!t

All US citizens can donate to Done with Th!s Shit t, however, because Done with Th!s Shit is a federal super pac we do not accept contributions from foreign nationals.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Contributions to Defeat by Tweet are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.