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Video: The Osmonds (1972) - OPENING

Description: The Osmonds (1972) - OPENING. Following the success of the Jackson 5 cartoon series, Rankin-Bass (Yes, the famous holiday cartoon/animagic company) sequels with The Osmonds. Without Marie present, the Osmond Brothers (including Jimmy) are goodwill ambassadors who go out into the world to spread their musical happiness. The Osmonds aired on ABC-TV Saturdays at 9:00AM (30 min.). The Osmonds premiered on September 9, 1972 until it last aired September 1, 1973. The opening theme song of the show was "One Bad Apple." The Osmonds were; Merril Osmond, Jay Osmond, Wayne Osmond, Alan Osmond, Jimmy Osmond and Donny Osmond by ClassicTelevisionFan.

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  • Title: The Osmonds (1972) - OPENING
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