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Chastity Bono
Sep 2 2011, 10:00 AM EDT | Post edited: Sep 2 2011, 10:00 AM EDT
Ok, first of all, Chastity Bono can have as many surgeries as she wants, she was still born a female, which is a fact that she will never be able to change, and she will die a female. Second of all, why force the viewing public to have to endure her while attempting to enjoy what has become a popular show? Most people do not invade the homosexuals' venues, so why do they have to force themselves on everyone else? This was a poor choice for DWTS to make, and you can best believe that they will lose viewers this season. They have already lost one! 2  out of 5 found this valuable. Do you?    
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1. RE: Chastity Bono
Sep 3 2011, 10:05 AM EDT | Post edited: Sep 3 2011, 10:05 AM EDT
Just saying, when Bristol Palin and Kate Gosslen were on, DWTS gained viewers...a lot of viewers. Chances are, they will still have high ratings.

I'm still tuning in, and I don't care what they look like.
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2. RE: Chastity Bono
Sep 20 2011, 11:49 AM EDT | Post edited: Sep 20 2011, 11:49 AM EDT
Seems to me that ABC was smart to put CHAZ BONO on the show -- The bigots and homophobes will leave in a huff, and the rest of us can enjoy the talents of ALL the contestants without listening to the whinings of professional malcontents.
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3. RE: Chastity Bono
Sep 21 2011, 6:50 AM EDT | Post edited: Sep 21 2011, 6:50 AM EDT
Check the Neilson Ratings -- DWTS actually LOST viewers when they saw how the Palin menace dragged down the show's reputation for good taste and fairness.
And nobody with a functioning brain ever heard of Kate Gosslen.
Thank God that the graceless and tasteless Palin and Gosslen are gone from the show.
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