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Who I would like to see back on the show.
May 23 2011, 8:43 PM EDT | Post edited: May 23 2011, 8:43 PM EDT
I would like to see Samantha Harris back co-hosting the show. Brooke Burke really can be annoying with that phoney smile.Samantha was a much better co-host.. I would also like to have Juianne and Derek back. Maybe Julianne could dance with Ryan Seacrest....hahahahaha
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1. RE: Who I would like to see back on the show.
May 30 2011, 10:46 AM EDT | Post edited: May 30 2011, 10:46 AM EDT
I think the most interesting couple would be Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey -- for several reasons ---
1. - Both are non-professionals that made it to the finals in a prevoius season
2. - Both were popular with the fans, and would draw big ratings.
3. - Both are nearly the same age (Bristol 20, Kyle 19), so would fit well together.
4. - Both of them live together (along with Kyle's Brother), so there would be a plenty of time and opportunity for them to work out the more physically demanding routines -- some of which may actually involve terpsichore.
5. - Mamma Grizzly is sure to be enthralled with the possibilty of obtaining a grip on "the Blacks vote" in her upcoming battle with Barack Hussein Obama in 2012. I'm sure that Sarah will remind us that President Obama is only HALF-Black, anyways, so she rightfully deserves to get half of the Black votes.
Sarah's pretty smart, though -- she might insist on the half that are actually alive !!
If they can't get Bristol and Kyle, they should go for another eclectic couple -- say Janet Reno and Michael J. Fox !!!
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