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DWTS- Bristol Palin- our unit will no longer be watching or voting
Nov 19 2010, 4:14 PM EST | Post edited: Nov 19 2010, 4:21 PM EST
I am a nurse, each week our entire floor watches as we can and we all vote. After this last week, we have decided as a group to stop watching DWTS- we have watched it since the first season. The reason? We have nothing against Bristol Palin but this is a show about who makes the most progress to become the best dancer. While Bristol has improved, she cannot hold a candle to Audrina (we did not like her either), Brandy, Jennifer or even Kyle. Not to be mean but anyone can see that shes a poor dancer and there is no reason for her to still be here unless the voting has been tampered with. This is a show we have enjoyed immensely but as it is obviously rigged, its a waste of our time and money to watch and vote. And while the producers continue to make excuses for her and no effort to recognize the obvious and correct the situation- that its not skill keeping her here and letting talented dancers go, we feel that DWTS has lost the quality, grace and integrity it once had. Its sad, this has become such a part of our Monday and Tuesday nights we hate to see it come to an end. Best wishes to all. Tawnya Hale Do you find this valuable?    
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1. RE: DWTS- Bristol Palin- our unit will no longer be watching or voting
Nov 19 2010, 6:21 PM EST | Post edited: Nov 19 2010, 6:21 PM EST
My boyfriend & I have been a big fan of DWTS for a long time & watching it every week religiously. But it's sad to say we will stop watching as we are extremely disappointed at the producers & judges. How can they allow this? First of all this is 'dancing with stars' & how does Bristol fits an star category? Doesn't a star status go to someone who actually have achieved something? Like the rest of the competitors? Secondly, shouldn't the producer be more concern about what kind of behavior they are promoting among young people? In this case allowing Bristol to become celebrated, not for her talents, passion or effort, but purely for her mom's political popularity. Well, I guess they are thinking about rating, but it will back fire. If I was Bristol & had an ounce of self respect I would pull out myself in stead of winning votes on my mother's account. People would have more respect for her if she does that. Finally, this is a show about how you improve your dance & entertaining ability through hard work, passion, commitment & positive behavior. Those are all the attributes missing in this girl. She was ready to quit & go back home 2 weeks ago. How could anyone see her performance & attitude in comparison to Kyle & put them in the same category? How could we celebrate her the same way? It's really sad & disappointing to people who are truly passionate & hard working, striving to go beyond ordinary. This is a wrong message to American people, esp. the young ones about hiding behind your parents instead of taking responsibility. Your show is not about one's true achievement any more, but about politics.
Sorry to say good-bye
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