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Nov 10 2010, 3:40 AM EST | Post edited: Nov 10 2010, 3:40 AM EST
For all the People that use the lame reasoning that others should lighten up because DWTS is only entertainment. I'll point out that this is a 'Dance Competition", and being a "DC" the reason one competes is to strive to perform better weekly than the other competitors, so as to ultimately win the contest. So these competitors contribute an immense of time in quarter of a year, and certainly have an incalulable emotional investment in what they do. And the viewing audience in turn has that emotional involvement as well, not unlike any competitive event such as athletics. Without the emotional tie with one's chosen favorite, there would be no motivation to watch and cheer (yes my Wife cheers) for them. Why do you think that DWTS generates the ratings that they do? Why do football teams fill stadiums with people that pay outrageous sums of money for the priviledge to watch and cheer for their team do?
It is because they choose to have an emotional investment in the outcome. Entertainment? Maybe so, but as in all contests the cream is expected to rise to the top, and not be denied by a bad call.
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