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  • We're looking for the ultimate Dancing with the Stars Fan! Are you absolutely obsessed with the hit TV series DANCING WITH THE STARS? Have you seen every episode? ARE YOU COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS TO SEE IF “THE SITUATION” CAN ACTUALLY DANCE?

    Do you have at least 500 Facebook friends or Twitter followers?

    If so, then we're looking for you to be our OFFICIAL DANCING WITH THE STARS PHILO FANBASSADOR.

    You'll be:
    1. Checking-in to the show on Philo and commenting throughout the episode
    2. Sharing your check-ins/comments on Twitter and Facebook
    3. Tell your friends to watch the show and check-in on Philo as well
    4. If you'd like - write a recap of the show for our blog where we will feature you as a Fanbassador!

    If interested, please reply back with your Facebook and/or Twitter profile and a one paragraph description of why this is your favorite show.
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    Posted: Sep 20 2010, 6:15 AM EDT by NatanPhilo
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