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  • JSUWTS (Just Show Up With The Stars) It isn't a "conspiracy"... It isn't because she has "improved" over the weeks. They all did. It isn't because people want the "underdog" to win or all the "underdogs" as opposed to the best overall season dancer/improvement would. Heck, Kate was a HUGE "underdog'....
    Bristol glides with authority now. No offense and it isn't her fault.. nor her fans or her moms fans. Dereks face said it all. The pros come out and bust butt to get the "winning horse". This proves the voting system doesn't work. Someone could just show UP it seems and win because the popular vote wins. Even Maks said it proves how important it is to vote, discounting the fact the not near as good, not near as improved, can't truly dance well enough to win an entire season of DWTS and the trophy... BASED on who "registers to vote". The people who watch but don't vote... older folks who don't have a cell strapped to their arse or a laptop keeping their laps warm as opposed to a furball named Fluffy.... No wonder that guy shot his TV. There ARE a lot of frustrated viewers who believe its about the best dancer.. MOST improved dancer.. not popularity vote!
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    Posted: Nov 18 2010, 6:49 AM EST by OutfieldAngel77
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