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  • Mya I can't stand Mya. She is a wonderful dancer, needless to say. Just to look at that phony smile as if to say "Oh Me" (shock, shock, shock), she makes me sick to my stomach. Wasn't she a showgirl or in the "business in someway????? I thought this was for people who didn't know how to dance???? And don't tell me she hasn't danced before ! ! ! Because that is plain Bull. It is a great show and I have never missed a season and she is the ONLY one I can say that really makes me sick ! ! ! She looks the type that if you turn your back, she will stab it, while smiling that phony smile !!! Love her partner ! !

    Still a loyal fan of the show, just had to see if I were the only one who sees what I see.......
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    Posted: Nov 23 2009, 11:46 AM EST by DeannaMarzano
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