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  • just need to know Why is it the fans never get to see what the total scores are judges and fans. Maks was right in his opinion the fans make the show no fans no show . I feel we are be cheated out of the total results.Maks I feel as one of your fans that you are so intelligent and an excellent dancer .You have had the toughest job to do but u keep the personality,determination,and alot of respect for yourself and the fans . Thank- u you make Dnacing with the stars what it is all of the dancers and celebrities do . Keep smiling its very sexy
    Thread location: DWTS Judges
    Posted: Apr 24 2012, 5:23 PM EDT by hertiage69
  • judging fairness To many of us viewers, it appears that Carrie Ann and Len, have a problem with Maks. That is wrong, when it affects the judging , because it affects the partner. I watched hope and Maks tonight, and was really disappointed with the judges comments and scores. Carrie Ann's comment about Maks smiling tonight was just totally prejudiced. A few weeks back, when Maks and Len had some "sparks", Carrie Ann's comment telling Maks to not be disrespectful, was also pretty out of line. Has she ever listened to some of the judges comments, Len in particular, about the contestants? You want respect? You cannot demand it, you need to earn it, and you have not. None of you. Len's comments to Nancy Grace, were very disrespectful, but that seems to be okay with them, because it is one of them making the comments.
    Thread location: DWTS Judges
    Posted: Nov 14 2011, 3:25 PM EST by NormInRockwood
  • brandie & max You voted off the wrong couple last week you should have voted Jen & Derek because of all her wineing about her aches and pains or maybe it was just smpathy act. Don't know if I'll watch tonight because it makes me furious to think that the votes are fixed. But if I do vote it won't be Derek & Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thread location: DWTS Judges
    Posted: Nov 22 2010, 6:14 AM EST by debbie1950
  • All credibility is shot out the window Even though the judges may not have been the ones who voted Bristol Palin into the finals, keeping Bristol instead of Brandy smacks of something is wrong here. This round destroys all credibility they had before this. I am so disappointed in the producers of this show. They have really blown it this time. This will be my last season as a fan of the show.
    Thread location: DWTS Judges
    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 9:13 AM EST by JerrySommerville
  • RE: The Judges Scores are Bogus The judges had no problem giving Michael Bolton a "4" vote, so why not do the same for Bristol? And NO, she does not deserve to be up there with the BETTER dancers. If I were a contestant on that show you better believe I'd walk out, like I refuse to watch that crap anymore. The judges are wishy-washy anyway.
    Thread location: DWTS Judges
    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 7:38 AM EST by wetjet
  • The Judges' Scores ar Bogus The judges' scores seem to be negligable when compared to the voters. This system is totally convoluted. The judges' scores should weigh at least fifto to seventy five percent of the score. Be that as it may, the judges need a little spine. Bristol Palin's dances are dumbed down and the judges' scores are over inflated to the point of being rediculous. They brow-beat the better dancers and coddle Bristol. Their score may not mean much when it compares to voters, however their scores and words deginitely influence the voters. Every year, I get disgusted by week five but like a moth drawn to the light, I keep watcing. Too bad, the judges lack integrity to do what is right.
    Thread location: DWTS Judges
    Posted: Nov 11 2010, 4:22 PM EST by MrAndre76
  • Bruno I think Len is so right when he told Bruno he needed a chech up fron neck up. I think Len needs to make Bruno get right back on late night shows & to say very loud that he is sorry for bashing kate way he did. Very bad and ulgy. Only someone very lonely or gets their kicks by putting others now. What a sorry person. I would not call him a man becase he sure as hech is not. A man has more repect for female than he would ever know anything about.
    Thread location: DWTS Judges
    Posted: Apr 8 2010, 2:37 PM EDT by littleoleme
  • Judges I like the judges but I just think they are to hard on the older people that they get on the show. How well is an 80 some year old person going to be able to dance. Maybe they should set an age limit or be just a little nicer.
    Thread location: DWTS Judges
    Posted: Apr 6 2010, 10:03 AM EDT by raider1553
  • Judges I love the judges, they all compliment each other so well. !!!! My favorite is still Bruno Tonioli !!
    Thread location: DWTS Judges
    Posted: Sep 30 2009, 7:48 PM EDT by 1sweetdreamer
  • DWTS Judges MAIN JUDGES Len Goodman (Season 1-present) LEN GOODMAN QUOTES “That would frighten children. ” “You've bitterly disappointed me.” “I like it how I like it!” “I thought you were going to pull y
    Last updated: Sep 26 2010, 11:45 AM EDT by BrandonE
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