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  • Bristol Should Resign Now that it is clear that the at-hme voting for Ms Palin has been distorted by pro Tea Party fanatics, the next step for Ms Palin is to restire from the competition. And ABC bears part of the blame since it is either unwilling or unable to insure the validity of the at-home voting. The whole show is a farce and no one should watch the finals.
    Posted: Nov 19 2010, 2:48 AM EST by WyldBill1014
  • Time For Jennifer To Go People are just tired of seeing professional dancers (Jennifer, Nicole...yes, she is a pro) and Olympic athletes win this thing. It is not a contest. Remember when Carrie Ann said to Jennifer "You are the chosen one" and the audience booed? I think the reason Kyle and Bristol have come this far is that viewers are saying lets give it to those who showed the most progress and are genuinly learning from the experience. If you don't like Bristol, vote for Kyle. He didn't grow up with the rich and famous in NY, and start dance as a young child. Make this a CONTEST and fair. BTW Brooke needs a personality.
    Posted: Nov 18 2010, 1:46 PM EST by josiejones
  • Let Your Light Shine Bristol! As a beginner in ballroom dancing, out of everyone on the show I have had the most encouragement from watching Bristol on the show. She came onto the show with no experience or even background experience and has done phenominally well. She's had no training prior to this in any related sports (ie Cheerleading, Martial Arts, or any sports), no training in acting to aid her in getting into a character, and as far as I no no training in musicality either. We wont even get into her getting beat on by the public/media a few years ago which was not only wrong but unethical and immoral on the part of those who participated in attacking her and her values.

    Bristol is a beautiful dancer and needs to keep up dancing after the show is done. I think out of everyone on the show she needed to get this far more than anyone else. She has really started to blossom I just hope she hits her peak in dancing during the finals so we can all see and enjoy that moment. Bristol if you're reading this dont dance for anyone else at the finals but you, enjoy the moment, feel like a princess, remember you are a beautiful dancer and have fun dancing with Mark!

    As far as the votes on the show go, I think the public may be speaking up and letting ABC know we'd like to see more people we can relate to on the show who haven't had their moment to shine in life yet. Up until Bristol all the other stars have had their moment in time. It might be time for a bit of a change up. Put stars with everyday people and have the professionals coach both or pin everday people against the stars in competition. Perhaps choosing those who have some sort of background that would help them though, ie martial artists, acting students, something. I think part of why Bristol is loved and voted for is because we can relate to her, she's the girl next door when you dont look at her being Sarah Palin's daughter. We all know someone like her. Keep dancing Bristol!
    Posted: Nov 18 2010, 11:40 AM EST by MichelleRowden
  • Time to Get Rid of Brook and get rid of the politics Anytime you choose to bring politics into a competition, your image will be destroyed and this is what is happening. DWTS I thought was a beautiful competition each episode to showcase stars. This is the first year you have not done that. You need to change the way the voting is done. I do admire those who come on to the show with no talent whatsoever and I watch them grow. That is a great feeling but when you have real talent out there such as Jennifer Grey and Brandi who shine every week and look as good as the pros, HOW, I ask HOW in the world can you allow the politics to take over and dismiss those who indeed deserve the opportunity to win. I am appalled.

    AND, please get rid of Brook. She is terrible. She comes across the cameras as snobbish, no heart or feelings and likes to ask infantile questions in a gossipy way. Thank goodness I record the program first so I an fast forward through any conversations Brook has standing beside the co-host or the stars. She is awful!!!

    I also feel it is time to change the judges. Either get rid of all three or consider replacing one of them. When the judges start letting their feelings interfere with their job (as Bruno and Carrie Ann have done), it is time to move them out.
    Posted: Nov 18 2010, 3:15 AM EST by bbtunes
  • All in Favor of Bristol Stepping Down, SAY AYE!!!!! I think Bristol should graciously step aside, let the REAL three finalists dance and call it a day. She HAS to know she doesn't belong there and if she doesn't her brain is as frozen as the Alaska soil!

    And who is going to start a Facebook page calling for her resignation????
    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 3:59 PM EST by dancefanapolitical
  • Something fishy? Yes....Bristol is a fat tuna.
    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 1:57 PM EST by hottiegran
  • Dancers are there by invitation I am ever amazed at the unprofessional demeanor of the judges and some of the pro dancers on the show. The utter look of shock and disbelief on the faces of the professionals last night as Brandy was eliminated and Bristol remained, was such a disappointment to me. Not only is the attitude unprofessional, but rude to "stars" that are only there because of the invitation of the network. I believe that many of us who vote for others than the chosen favorite, may be voting for the growth of other contestants, the enjoyment of what they bring to the dance, and as amatures ourselves, probably are not looking at the correct posture for a certain dance or whether the contestant is stepping heal first or toe first. I know the judges use this criteria in their voting, but don't believe many in the audience do. I think we vote for the people we enjoy watching the most! Half of the score comes from the judges opinion, half from the audience. Please don't act as though we in the audience are idiots just because we appreciate something different than you do. Part of the show's draw is that the audience gets to have a vote in who stays and who goes.
    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 1:56 PM EST by chicago1975
  • DWTS showed the world last night that its all about who you know Maybe DWTS should bring back Hasselhoff. His alter ego is a female named bristol. Next year you can get them to be partners and the whole world can watch to non dancers with little to NO Talent make it to the finals.
    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 1:51 PM EST by golffan2008
  • Brandy only Whined and did not deserve to be there!!! all she ever did was whine. I want this so bad, oh how Max and I deserve this. we work so hard.
    Well they all work hard and want it Brandy. Glad your GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 1:45 PM EST by Ladychachacha
  • Not for professionals At least Bristol is REAL, not a trained dancer or singer. She has improved! She is showing what it's like for a
    Normal person to be on the show. Give her a break! I will continue to vote for her!!!
    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 1:39 PM EST by Ladychachacha
  • Go home Bristol! this little Girl can not dance,, look at the videos again and again, Politics are in everything... and it is a shame it is in on this kind of a show.. If Bristol Wins.... i will never watch ABC again or the show.
    it is a shame always in the bottom and yet stay on when other are so much better... the tea party do not care if she can dance... they just want to she her win...Hope she comes in 3rd..... Terrible dancer just terrible.
    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 12:39 PM EST by doueboy
  • Dancers I thought the name of the show is Dancing with The Stars?????? When did Palin become a star???
    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 9:37 AM EST by katylady1964
  • All credibility is shot out the window Even though the judges may not have been the ones who voted Bristol Palin into the finals, keeping Bristol instead of Brandy smacks of something is wrong here. This round destroys all credibility they had before this. I am so disappointed in the producers of this show. They have really blown it this time. This will be my last season as a fan of the show.
    Thread location: DWTS Judges
    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 9:13 AM EST by JerrySommerville
  • Welcome to PPWTS I find it appalling that a "dance" show designed to chronicle and highlight "dance" has succumbed to being just another cheesy waste of airtime. There is no way on this earth that Bristol should have been in the running this long based on "dance". The show now will be forever known as Political Polling with the Stars. Even with all her hard work and all her "progress" over the weeks Bristol has not come close to the record, effort, and skill displayed by Brandy or others before her. How in blazes can a "dance" show still hold their head in the air considering they even mentioned in the results show last night that the Bristol team has the lowest overall scores and the most times at the bottom of the leader board, but the producers allowed this show this time to morph from Dancing with the Stars to Political Poling with the Stars. DWTS achieved a milestone this time in the 11th round by surpassing American Idol in ratings...if Political Poling with the Stars does not go back to a legitimate "dance" show and make the judges decisions count more than the political activists they may never hold that mark again. Based strictly on "dance" merit Brandy should still be on the show and not Bristol. Last night made a mockery of the show and its audience. Now, the whole outcome of this 11th round is tainted. Even if a good dancer does win this competition and the globe, it is seriously diminished since the decisions before were not based on "dance". IF the 11th round ends with Bristol winning the globe over obviously better talent they better cancel the show!! I know I for one will never watch this mess again.
    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 9:09 AM EST by Whatever!!!
  • RE: The Judges Scores are Bogus The judges had no problem giving Michael Bolton a "4" vote, so why not do the same for Bristol? And NO, she does not deserve to be up there with the BETTER dancers. If I were a contestant on that show you better believe I'd walk out, like I refuse to watch that crap anymore. The judges are wishy-washy anyway.
    Thread location: DWTS Judges
    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 7:38 AM EST by wetjet
  • Bristol Palin This situation is getting to me now. Bristol Palin cannot dance, its not fare to the others who really wants the tropy, who clearly works very hard week and week are eliminated while Bristol Palin remains. Are people being nice to her because of her mother!!!!? Come on America lets be fare!
    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 4:43 AM EST by Tischia
  • I thought this was Dancing with the Stars Bristol Palin may be cute and has grown as a non-performer and dancer and done for herself well in a challange that normally would not be open to her, but really....... Someone's pockets are getting a little deeper to boost this girls moral and keep the Palins in the limelight. Bristol has done well. But if I wanted to see Dancing with the the Dental assistants I'd be watching the E! network
    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 4:41 AM EST by ShawneWhite
  • Bristol Palin What a joke. Bristol Palin has been terrible yet they keep putting her through. If the Judges would give her the scores she deserves, the votes if they do exist could not put her through.
    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 4:06 AM EST by Jrobi62554
  • Why get mad? Of course Brandy is the better dancer, of course it's the people's votes that keep Bristol on. But, why should we talk about Bristol as if she's killed someone? It's a TV show! And, a fun one! Everyone gets paid well, the Stars and the Professionals have a great time.
    Bristol is just a young girl and even though it seems obvious that her Mom's pals have kept Bristol on the dance floor, no one should ever talk so badly about this girl as if she's done something wrong. She hasn't.
    Also, does anyone remember the first season of DWTS? The judges had the sole vote and the winners were not the popular choice so there was an unofficial dance off...and the rules were changed to allow for the judges votes to count as half and we the people(!) allowed the other half of the vote. So Bristol's in. (A couple season's ago, Cloris Leachman was in for a long time too and she certainly didn't dance very well. Of course, she was a joy!)
    I think we need to keep in perspective about this: it's entertainment and there's no excuse for folks to be cruel.
    Just enjoy.
    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 1:38 AM EST by Charlietwo
  • About Politics, NOT Dancing!!!! My Mother has watched this Show for Years. She convinced me to Watch this Show this Season. I truly believed the Show was about "Dancing with the Stars," so, was confused at the Start as to why Bristol Palin was on the Show, she is NOT a Star!!! Then, week after week, much better Dancer's are being eliminated and Bristol Palin stays, which should have been eliminated after Week One. Viewers are Outraged over all of this and I am hearing and reading over and over that loyal Viewer's will no longer watch this Show because it is not based on Dancing, it is based on Politics and other than Dancing!!! Brandy and Maks were Awesome and at the top or near the top of the Leader Board every week, Bristol and Mark were at the bottom of the Leader Board every week. It is obvious that Bristol's Mother, Sarah Palin and all her Teabagger friends were keeping her in the Show, this is based on being a Republican/Teabagger vs who is the Best Dancer!!! Brandy and Maks danced circles around Bristol and Mark, they definately should have been in the Finals!!! Voting should be 3/4 from the Judges and 1/4 from the Public Viewers to Prevent this from EVER happening again, otherwise, this Show will be short lived, viewers are Disgusted as to what happened tonight!!! Bristol should concede to Brandy and Maks because she knows why she is where she is!!! Something needs corrected before the Finals next week, viewers are so Disgusted!!!
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    Posted: Nov 16 2010, 7:54 PM EST by Turbogoose
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