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  • The "Blame Game" the past, Mya has been given some harsh criticisms and it was usually about the choreography, of which she had no was Dmitry. So here she is in the finals...they are doing the usual background story, and instead of more of the rehearsal of their free dance, they show Mya and Dmitry going back and forth about what the freedance should be about...with emphasis on "In the end, I decided to go with Dmitry's idea".

    Let's face it, she is no shrinking violet....I think she could have swayed him more if she really wanted to. I really think that she was setting up a situation to blame Dmitry in the event the dance was not well received. You don't have to be a Philadelphia lawyer to know that the dance they did was not outstanding...and I think she realized it pretty quickly, and I also think that she tried to dot her 'I's" and cross her "T"'s" by making it clear that this dance was not her choice. Other opinions?
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    Posted: Nov 24 2009, 3:23 AM EST by offwithherhead
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