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  • Carrie Ann and Len's Comments I was watching the result show, and I must say I was a little disappointed with both Carrie Ann and Len's comments after Louie Vito danced. They both made comments about Louie and Michael not trying enough. Comments like she didn't think either of them got how important this dance off really was and that they basically didn't put enough into thier which Len was agreeing.

    I think that both of these guys put alot into what they do, and I also feel they have tried very hard. Dancing is not their forte, but they do try. I really felt sorry for Louie to go out with those comments being the last he got from the judges. We all know that these two guys were never going to win, but they have both given some great moments on the show, and I think they deserved better. Let's face it...they had 3 dances to learn this week, when learning one dance is a challenge for them.

    I gotta be honest that I am a little bummed with the judging this season...especially when the competitors have been so much more restricted to the amount they can practice. You can bet the farm that in previous seasons when they had to learn two dances in one week, that most would rehearse more those weeks. This season they aren't allowed. So what do they expect when someone who has never danced has to learn three dances in one week with no more time to prepare? The judges need to be more realistic...or maybe they are trying to sway the fans.
    Thread location: DWTS Season 9 Week 6
    Posted: Oct 28 2009, 5:16 PM EDT by offwithherhead
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