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  • As A Judge...What do You Do? So you ar a judge and you are watching Natalie go home, when there are a few better choices.....what do you do to thin the herd and level the playing field? Well, I think we just saw it last night. Because of the "people's" vote, you are limited, so you have to get creative. So..... you place the pack during the main competition, and then introduce a new "factor" to line them up even better for elimination. I think the Competition Mambo, although fun to watch, was a means to their method of elimination.

    Now comes the icing on the cake....for the result show, you should find a way to keep more control of the to do this? Well... accept the lowest scoring couple going home.... then you create the "dance-off" between the next two lowest scoring couples. Because the public cannot vote during the live result show, you have to make that decision.

    I think the "twists" this week were painfully obvious, as a means to keep control and not lose someone the judges didn't want to see go home. Just my opinion. Would enjoy hearing yours....maybe you can sway me. :)

    Thread location: DWTS Season 9 Week 6
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    Posted: Oct 27 2009, 3:40 AM EDT by offwithherhead
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