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  • I just have to say: The show is entirely too long. We can do without the practice scenes. We can also do without Brooke Burke who asks the same questions over and over again. One host is enough. This show has lost a lot of viewers for the reasons I stated as well as the lack of real stars. All you have lately is has been dancers or never was. Seriously, what has Chaz Bono done besides being Cher's offspring and being transgender? They are having people just for shock appeal rather than being actual stars. If no real stars want to be on the show, then either change the name from Dancing with the Stars to Dancing with the Oddities. Enough is enough, the show has run it's course, let it fade into television history with some grace.
    Posted: Oct 4 2011, 12:18 PM EDT by JustMyOpinionYeah
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