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  • DTWS has "jumped the shark" Watching DWTS and while I'm enjoying seeing all the figure skaters the show has officially "jumped the shark." They have turned their back on everything that made this show good. 1. Too young a cast; most of them with previous dance experience. Older contestants are being made to look like jokes. 2.Opening number is hip hop with overly suggestive dancing. (Like the cha cha wasn't suggestive enough on this show?) 3. Most of the cast aren't "stars." 4. The hype is hugely annoying. (All the huge letters on the screen saying "Terrific," etc. Who are they trying to convince?) All the gimmicks? Changing dance partners? Why are they messing around? They are trying to gain back the audience that left for "The Voice" and appealing to the same age group (14 to 25) while totally alienating the core DTWS fans (ballroom dance fans that are 30plus?) I predict this is the last season for this show. Those of us who are older and have been loyal fans are going to leave now. Last year was bad enough with the overly loud screaming backtrack all the time. And before anyone bashes this post--I'm NOT a senior citizen. And the songs? Don't recognize a single one of them and I miss the old band. Why have you abandoned your older fans and are trying to cater to the younger ones? They are not going to leave "The Voice" for this mess.
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    Posted: Mar 18 2014, 1:08 AM EDT by Librarylois
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