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  • Goodbye Buzz--We Salute You Buzz--
    Last night my husband & I watched you dance. When you appeared on stage in your uniform with ribbons and medals, I turned to my husband who is a highly decorated Navy man himself and said, "Hey, he has a medal around his neck. Why don't you have one of those?" My husband laughed, "Because I've never been to the moon, honey." I laughed too but for a different reason. I'm a dancer. "Well, I'm guessing Buzz thinks the moon looks pretty easy after DWTS."

    Your age held you at a lower performance level, but you know that. No matter. You STILL got it going on. And you're STILL handsome! Who couldn't be happy about that? We loved your vigor and willingness to compete beside people 50 years younger than yourself. That's courage. WE SALUTE YOU..
    Posted: Apr 7 2010, 6:48 AM EDT by Pat320
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