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  • Len vs. Mya and Dmitry From the beginning, Len seems to be judging Mya with a different yardstick than he uses for the rest of the dancers, and to a certain extent I think rightfully so...however. Does Len have a problem with Mya, or is it with Dmitry? Looking back at the comments that he has made of their performances, the comments are not so much with how she performed it, but with the structure of the dance...which is Dmitry's territory. So, is his problem with Mya, or Dmitry? Your thoughts?
    Thread location: DWTS Season 9 Week 7
    Keyword tags: Dmitry ChaplindwtsLen Goodman. Mya 
    Posted: Nov 3 2009, 2:28 AM EST by offwithherhead
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