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  • Mya playing it safe Wow. If there was ever a time for Mya NOT to listen to Dmitry, it was for the freestyle dance. I was so bored. It was technically good. But she pulled a Gilles!
    Thread location: DWTS Season 9 Finals
    Keyword tags: dmitrymya 
    Posted: Nov 24 2009, 8:00 AM EST by eguy
  • Which Pro do you want to win? Which of the 3 remaining dance Professionals do you want to win their first Mirror Ball Championship season 9, Louis, Dmitry or Kym?

    Go Kym!!
    Thread location: DWTS Blog
    Posted: Nov 19 2009, 8:49 AM EST by AiryFairyArms
  • Mya connecting to Dmitry I always love watching Mya dance, but something that the judges said last week caught my attention this week. She really doesn't connect with Dmitry. Even during the jitterbug, a dancer should look at her/his partner, and both Mya and Dmitry look out at the audience and hardly make eye contact. And what's with the massages? Other contestants are visiting the ER, and Mya is hurting so much that she needs... a massage. Probably a poor choice to show that footage.
    Thread location: DWTS Season 9 Week 6
    Keyword tags: dmitrymya 
    Posted: Oct 27 2009, 8:12 AM EDT by eguy
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