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  • Bruno has to go! Bruno has to go. He is full of himself and was way out of line with regard to his comment about Michael Bolton. Granted Michael wasn't a very good dancer, however, he wasn't the worst in all of the eleven seasons. The rude comments were an issue when Billy Ray Cyrus danced and he was very vocal about it and I have to believe he said something to the produces because in the following seasons the rude comments from the judges subsided. Len did the right thing by calling Bruno on the carpet with his rude comment and score of 3 for Michael. It's even worse now that I heard Michael's 90 year old mother flew in for the show. This was week 2 not week 8 Bruno needs to make a public apology and keep comments like that to himself if he continues to be a judge but I believe he needs to be replaced.........
    Thread location: DWTS Season 11 Week 2
    Keyword tags: BrunoChelsea HightowerMichael Bolten 
    Posted: Sep 29 2010, 4:59 AM EDT by pawsnlicks
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