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  • About Politics, NOT Dancing!!!! My Mother has watched this Show for Years. She convinced me to Watch this Show this Season. I truly believed the Show was about "Dancing with the Stars," so, was confused at the Start as to why Bristol Palin was on the Show, she is NOT a Star!!! Then, week after week, much better Dancer's are being eliminated and Bristol Palin stays, which should have been eliminated after Week One. Viewers are Outraged over all of this and I am hearing and reading over and over that loyal Viewer's will no longer watch this Show because it is not based on Dancing, it is based on Politics and other than Dancing!!! Brandy and Maks were Awesome and at the top or near the top of the Leader Board every week, Bristol and Mark were at the bottom of the Leader Board every week. It is obvious that Bristol's Mother, Sarah Palin and all her Teabagger friends were keeping her in the Show, this is based on being a Republican/Teabagger vs who is the Best Dancer!!! Brandy and Maks danced circles around Bristol and Mark, they definately should have been in the Finals!!! Voting should be 3/4 from the Judges and 1/4 from the Public Viewers to Prevent this from EVER happening again, otherwise, this Show will be short lived, viewers are Disgusted as to what happened tonight!!! Bristol should concede to Brandy and Maks because she knows why she is where she is!!! Something needs corrected before the Finals next week, viewers are so Disgusted!!!
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    Posted: Nov 16 2010, 7:54 PM EST by Turbogoose
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