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  • When Will The First "Kate Plug" Be Aired? OK, I knew Kate had more pokers in the fire...because you know that she has 8 children to feed (in case you hadn't heard more than a million times), but she is putting out a book this week, "I Just Want You To Know". Also, Brandon and I noticed a comment that Tom Bergeron made on the first show "Kate Gosselin, star of Kate Plus Eight", and we were wondering if she had gotten her own show....question answered, yes. It is not going to be called "Kate Plus Eight", but rather, "Twist of Kate". Are you ready for this??? She is going to be going to be travelling around the country offering people advice on how to improve their lives....EXCUSE ME!!! She has not done such a hot job with her own life, so what can she possible offer someone elses? I just pitty the poor men in the households that she visits....I can tell you right now, that they will all be wrong.

    I am anxious to see how she casually brings up her new book and the new show....I am sure it will be about as casual as an atom bomb.
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    Posted: Apr 10 2010, 11:19 AM EDT by offwithherhead
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