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  • New format for DWTS? E! Online is reporting that Dancing With The Stars might have 16 (!) celebrities next season instead of the usual 13, and they'll eliminate two couples each week for the first several weeks. Seems like it might be a little too chaotic, and harder to get to know the stars during the season. What do you think?
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    Posted: Jul 19 2009, 1:31 PM EDT by jakefwp
  • Contenders for Season 13 Contenders for Season 13:

    Male: J.R. Martinez.

    Female: Ricki Lake

    I think those 2 will be the finalists, and it looks to me like J.R. Martinez will get the Big Glass Ball !!
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    Posted: Oct 19 2011, 1:49 PM EDT by SlikLizrd
  • Season 9... Great? Not great? I'm having a hard time putting my finger on this season. I thought Donny and Kelly were two of the most fun people they've ever had on the show.

    But then Mya never really caught on despite being the best dancer by far. And the rest of the cast wasn't all that engaging, either. There were so many weak links.

    Maybe it was just the bigger cast that made it feel like it could have been better. I'd love to see them go back to 12 or 13 couples instead of 16. It felt like this season didn't even really get started until the last few weeks.

    Any thoughts?
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    Posted: Nov 24 2009, 8:11 PM EST by jakefwp
  • New Hostess please!!!
    "Time for a reality check ---
    This thread has been up since November of Season 11 -- with only 5 responses , which is only about ONE response per month.
    We're STILL stuck with the lovely but totally un-talented Brooke --- who it seems has trouble finding someone to dress her for her role as "Hostess".
    The "questions" that she puts forth to the dancers seem rather bland and pointless --- such as her famous "How does that feel!??" -- Such a question should only be asked by a SHOE SALESMAN !!

    Well, it did no good to tell our stories here --- there weren't enough of us, and it doesn't seem like there are enough of us now, either.
    The reality is that Brooke is here for another season. BUT -- it COULD be a lot WORSE !!! At least we don't have any more Palins to suffer through, which is ample reason for us to count our blessings and move on.
    I did some looking back and found under Home in the "DWTS Hosts" a thread I started in May 2010 titled "Anybody but Brooke" that had 13 replies and another titled "I wish it was Melissa" from April 2010 with 1 reply. Those threads could and should get active again! Palwalker posted to "Anybody but Brooke" a few times nad some others, but admittedly it was mostly my gums that were flapping.

    Just like our complaints on various subjects last year I doubt ABC pays much attention to our opinions. As long as the ratings are high nothin' is gonna change!

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    Posted: Apr 11 2011, 6:37 AM EDT by cathieil
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