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  • Season 11, Week 9 Semi-Finals, Four Couples Compete - Talk About It! The final four remain -- talk about it here!
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    Posted: Nov 15 2010, 4:48 PM EST by Wild-Kat
  • Palin Politics Prevail--Done with DWTS
    "well, the real craziness is that Audrina was sent home when she was 10 points ahead of Kurt Warner and 8 ahead of Bristol, which means Kurt needed at least 15% more (of the total) votes to pass her in week 6. That seems almost impossible when there were still 5 other dancers getting a bulk of the vote percentage. Could have the Tea Party voted Kurt past Audrina also?"
    I think in the earlier weeks we see dancers voted off because they lack a defined fan base--in the case of Kurt Warner, he had football fans. I agree that Audrina should not have been voted off when she was if that decision was totally based on talent and dancing ability, but that is clearly not the case and I think she was among those who should have made it to, at least, the semi finals. My point is that once the semi finals begin, the remaining contestants should be among the best of the group. Here, this is not the case--and that is were is gets very disappointing. At this point in the show, as in past seasons, every contestant should be the best of the group and whatever you may think of Bristol Palin, personally or politically, she is not and never was among the most talented. My other point is that it is very sad that a show that has nothing to do with politics has, in fact, become so politicized that it is no longer enjoyable to watch. Simply by virtue of having such a polarizing political family on the show. I was also referring to the rumors about cheating the system and the point that on some facebook and twitter sites--which are encouraging votes for Bristol--those voting are not even watching the show--which makes it less enjoyable to those of us who do--or did. The real responsibility for the unfortunate results of this season lie not with Bristol Palin, teabaggers or any political persuasion--as I said in my first post, in the political climate of the day this should have been foreseeable and expected--therefore the responsibility lies squarely with the shows producers.
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    Thread location: DWTS Season 11
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    Posted: Nov 18 2010, 4:44 AM EST by TikiB
  • Why get mad? I think that people have the right to show whatever emotions they may be feeling. Some are die hard fans and invest a lot of their time watching the show. They want to see it played out in a fair manner. And as it stands, this is not what's happening! It's no different than watching your favorite sports team lose, because a ref/ump made bad calls. The judges don't really give her too many harsh critiques, but everyone else gets slammed. I think that America's votes should come into play when the semi-finals begin. This way, the best is going up against the best! Although I don't care for her one way or another, I do agree that the personal attacks on her should stop. She made a mistake, but so have many other teenage girls. She has to deal with that for the rest of her life. Her situation doesn't make her a slut, it makes her a kid who made an irresponsible choice. Now it's time for everyone, who can't stand to watch her dance, to vote next week! And since this season has sparked so much outrage (even with celebrities), I hope this will make DWTS brass think about it being a popularity contest or a dancing contest!
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    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 11:12 PM EST by Wilson67
  • Disgusted
    "One thing that you all must remember is that it is not the show or the Judges at fault. Bristol and Mark have been at the bottom of the leader board as far as the judges scores go since day one. It is the people whop are voting that are turning this into a political thing. It is not entertaining to watch a robot dancing on stage."
    First of all I have been a fan of the show since the first season. Second, this is my first time on the forums here but I was so compelled by last nights elimination I had to join.
    Although I do understand your point and that this is the structure of the show I do believe that it is the judges fault. Lets take a look at Master P's visit to the show. He was terrible and what happened when he kept staying around because of the popular vote. Oh yea thats right the judges were giveiing him ridiculously low scores so he could not possible be voted through to the next round. This is indeed what should have been happening here. They are treating her with kid gloves when scoring Bristol and the perfect example of that is her insta dance. I mean come on!!! She didn't only make a mistake she missed a entire section of steps and yet her scores still did not reflect how terrible it was compared to the other dancers. This was more then the opportunity to really penalize her for being a robot (as you rightfully stated).
    I understand the whole reality TV show thing and getting people to watch because they have a say in what happens but with this many seasons and so many veiwers I think they have an obligation to ensure that the best go forward and the rest go home when it comes to the semi-final and finals. I am fine with the twists and turns during the regular show but not the semi-finals and finals.
    There needs to be some controls put in to place for this type of thing. DWTS needs to realize this and make adjustments to ensure the best possible competition.
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    Posted: Nov 17 2010, 12:09 AM EST by BrianOblon
  • dancing with the stars judging panel ok....I must make one final comment on the judging on earth can Len say to Nicole that she should win before Evan does his last dance?!!! about rigged!! judge in any event I've ever watched actually announced the winner before eveyone had competed!.....even if he felt that way it was not something he should have ever announced!
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    Posted: Jun 1 2010, 7:41 AM EDT by pawalker2010
  • DWTS Season 10 Quotes ." Tom Bergeron: "What is with hair gel in the future?" Week 9 Semi Finals Tom Bergeron: (to Bruno after he was bleeped) "Hey look
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  • Season 10 Week 9 Dance Cards there. Talk about sparkle with a capital "S". I didn't know you had it within you, that vivacity and vitality. I haven't seen something like that since Judy
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  • October 2009 Pro dancer Derek Hough told ABC talk show host Jimmy Kimmel after partner Joanna Krupe was eliminated in the season 9 Semi-Finals that "models
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