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BEST TANGO of WEEK TWO -- Debi 'n Maks
Oct 2 2009, 7:21 AM EDT | Post edited: Oct 2 2009, 7:21 AM EDT
Give me a sultry dark tango any day to pique my interest again in dancing -- so little of real dancing appears on DWTS, ya' know? Maksim and Debi's rendition of Roxanne aimed at high theatre compared to the other tango-ists and -istas. God Bless Maks for staying true to the original setting and meaning of the dance -- ***** and trick passionately engaged in love/hate.

Unfortunately, most of that likely went over the heads of all but the center judge, and most of the voting audience who always prefer blatant whoring to artistic symbolisms. The dance surely deserved better than straight 7's -- but I'm convinced the scores are pre-ordained by the producers and have quit paying any attention to the judging altogether.

LOVED this dance. LOVED Debi's spot-on and painful rendition. And of course, LOVED Maks who shines best in these darkly sensual dances. WHOOOO EEE THanks Debi and Maks for great dancing!! All 8's in my book.
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