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Week Two -- the Artistic Tango
Sep 30 2009, 5:56 PM EDT | Post edited: Sep 30 2009, 5:56 PM EDT
OMG Most of the viewing audience likely did not understand the music or the stylistic dancing Maks choreographed to fit it. Debi was far more composed and gorgeous without the heavyhanded makeup from week l. Her dancing was much improved, but still in need of improvement -- apropos of an amateur at Week Two.

However, the show was liberally sprinkled with selective negative clips of just the tense (not the happy) moments from their practices. The audience was set up to be angry at Maks for "making Debi cry" when the truth of the situation was totally not known. Debi's hilarious personality was masked entirely by the stern tango face, and once again, she did not reveal her true nature for the voting public. I swear that some celebs are set up to fail on a schedule to meet the preordained outcome ABC wants. I hope Debi and Maks let their joy for dancing just bust out next week -- and the voters respond to the more true partnership of hard work and great fun. Let the samba roll . . . . .
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