Why does ABC disrespect its fabulous professional dancers? |

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ABC and BBC have profited immensely from the highly popular Dancing With the Stars in the past, although that interest is waning as the show drifts further and further from it's central attraction. World wide, other countries DWTS shows give evidence of the viewer appeal that dance has in the lives of people everywhere.
However, as the dancing seasons have progressed in the US, ABC has incrementally morphed the original show into less and less emphasis upon the dancing and more time on extraneous diversions:
.. the judges' histrionics and berating of the pro's,
.. special appearances by singers that portray only a few seconds of dancing,
.. snide and humiliating "comedy" routines, and
.. wildly disparate dance troups as far afield from the ballroom style as can be found.
Results Nights have become real yawners with inexplicable filler acts. Further, the producers tinker with all sorts of competitive gimmicks and have added many dance types which their champion professionals have not themselves learned or taught before.
By deduction, we surmise that the the producers do not seek to attract adult audience viewers. The show has become a mockery in the trade, a standing joke.
And yet . . .
The viewer favorites on the show have been the professional dancers and the invited appearances of highly acclaimed ballroom champions from around the world. Each season's "pro dances" are the highlights of the season watched and rewatched thousands of times on you tube. Fan sites all over the web attest to viewer fascination with the professional dancers. These "pro's" have become attractive celebrities in their own rights everywhere but at ABC.
Americans have a keen sense of fairness in their hearts. It would appear to me that the decline in viewership of DWTS correlates perfectly with the decline in opportunities to watch the professionals perform so beautifully on the show.