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Tony Dovolani
Tony partnered with the WWE wrestlerDovolani Staceyhas Keiblercompeted in SeasonDancing 2.With The couple came in thirdStars place.since In Season 3, Tony's partner was2, countrywhen singerhe Saraand Evans.WWE Thediva coupleStacy hadKeibler tofinished withdrawthird, in thehis middlehighest offinish theto competitiondate. forHe personalhas reasons.also Indanced Seasonwith 4,celebrity Tonypartners partneredSara LeezaEvans Gibbons(who intodropped 9thout place.partway Inthrough Seasonthe 5,season), TonyLeeza ledGibbons, Jane Seymour to a 6th place finish, and reached the final four withSeymour, Marissa Jaret WinokurWinokour inand SeasonSusan 6.Lucci.

Born in Kosovo, Tony began folk dancing at age three. When he was 14,born hisin entireKosovo familyand moved to the UnitedU.S. States andas Tonya gotteenager. theHe's opportunitywon toseveral attenddance atitles, Fredincluding Astaireback-to-back DanceU.S. Academy.Open FromRhythm thatchampionships, momentand on,was henominated knewfor hean hadOutstanding foundChoreography hisEmmy passion.Sincein that2006 time,for Tonyhis haswork traveledon theDWTS. worldHe and wonhis manywife championships.Lina Tonyhave alsothree hadchildren, aincluding featuredtwins roleborn in the2008.

Tony hitis filmpartnered Shallwith WeExtra Danceco-host andNancy spentO'Dell timefor Season 8 coachingof Dancing JenniferWith Lopez.The (

Tony Dovolani and Stacy Keibler

Tony Dovolani and Stacy Keibler (Season 2)
Tony Dovolani and Marissa Jaret Winokur

Tony Dovolani and Marissa Jaret Winokur (Season 6)
Tony Dovolani and Susan Lucci

Tony Dovolani and Susan Lucci (Season 7)
Tony Dovolani and Sara Evans

Tony Dovolani and Sara Evans (Season 3)