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Tom DelayPROFESSION: Former House Majority Leader
Professional partner: Cheryl Burke
Bio: Tom DeLay was born in Loredo, Texas. After 2 years of medical school at Baylor University he was expelled for drinking and vandalism. He later graduated from the University of Houston.

To say that his background has been controversial is truly an understatement. While working for a chemical company in his early career, he had tax liens against him 3 times for not paying payroll and income taxes. He served in the Texas House of Representatives where alcoholism and adultery were a couple of the demons he battled until becoming "born again". Tom was later elected to Congress and served on several different committees and held several position during his years of service. Scandals and controversaries have followed him closely throughout his career.

Tom is married to Christine (nee Furrh) and they have one daughter, Danielle, born in 1972.

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