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Steve-O will be one of the contestants for DWTS season 8. Learn more about Steve-O:

Steve-OReality TV star
Professional partner: Lacey Schwimmer

Steve-O Bio: Steve-O (born Stephen Glover in Wimbledon, England) is a reality TV star and generally disturbing cat. The sub-headings on his Wikipedia entry include "Frequent public urination," "Arrest on drug smuggling charges in Sweden," "Incidents at The Abyss nightclub," and "Psychiatric problems."

Steve-O attended clown college, and while he wasn't accepted into the Ringling Brothers circus, he achieved greater fame as a cast member of the TV show Jackass,Jackass, performing outrageous stunts on camera with his co-stars including Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera.

While also appearing in the Jackass movies, Steve-O and his former Jackass co-star Chris Pontius starred in the spin-off daredevil show Wildboyz.Wildboyz. After a series of legal and other controversies (see above),above for hints), Steve-O emerged from re-hab in 2008 with a new lease on life.