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Melissa Joan HartPROFESSION: Actress
Professional partner: Mark Ballas
Bio: ( bio to follow)

Melissa Joan Hart's DWTS Season 9 Results
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Week 1
Viennese Waltz

Cha Cha Cha Relay


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Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart
Melissa Joan Hart Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart's Quotes From Season 9

Melissa Joan Hart's DWTS Related Comments on Twitter Melissa Joan Hart's Twitter site: Aug.18 - Wont know my partner until I walk into rehearsal the first time. Im gonna to be a few days behind because of my family vaca!- is it possible to dance well when you have whiplash from jumping a wake? Aug. 21 - just tried on some fabulous bright and sparkly dresses.- on my way to meet my partner. woohoo- just got done with my first rehearsal. guess who I'm dancing with? Aug. 22 - A little breakfast and a shower and I'm off to dance. What a fun life!- Got my first blister. Yeehaw!- I'm sooo addicted to the waltz right now. Can't stop dancing in my little hotel room. Aug.23 - Im feeling a little sore and tired today but excited to go meet Mark and get my feet moving. Its gonna be a long month!- Did some cha cha. My hips are hurting already- Soaking my tootsies in some hot Epsom salts right now and then hitting the pool to cool down. Aug 24 - Off to a big day with all the other competitors. Getting all dolled up for the first time in the ballroom gear. woohoo- Stay tuned for a pic of me in all my ballroom glory. I'm almost glamified! Aug.25 - Taking it slow today after the big shoot yesterday.Gonna have brunch with a friend and hit the florr for 5 hours of Waltz!- Learned some tricky waltz moves. I'm building up my dance arsenal! Aug.27 - Just had a big breakfast and ready to start some east coast dancing. Hope Mark is up to it today.- Wow! The chacha will make your abs rockin!! No more crunches just need to chachacha! Aug.28 - I'm feeling good after 5 hours today. Family coming to visit me tmrw. Can't wait to show them my moves. Aug.29 - Learned the basic foxtrot and jive today!! Good stuff. Feet are hurting and back is sore. Yay!! Aug. 31 - Mr. Ballas is serious today. We are starting on the performance choreography today.- I'm only 33 but Ballas managed to make me feel old everyday. He doesn't know Paul Newman, War of the Roses or Humpty Dance. We can we help him?- I meant how can we help him?- Rehearsal today was exhilarating. You can check out a sneak peak at news, Yahoooo