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Lil' KimSinger/Rapper
Professional partner: To be announced

Bio: BornLil' Kim (born Kimberly Denise Jones,Jones) Lil'was Kim,mentored isearly ain Grammyher Awardcareer winningby multi-platinumThe rapper,Notorious singer,B.I.G. actress,Her anddouble-platinum fashiondebut icon.solo Shealbum isHard oneCore ofwas threereleased femalein rappers1996, towith the havesingle aNo Time reaching No. 1 on #1the Billboard Hotrap 100chart.

After another successful hitsolo album, The Notorious K.I.M., Lil' Kim had her biggest success, with 2001'sthe remake of Lady Marmalade,Marmalade featuringin Christinacollaboration Aguilera,with Pink, &Mya M_a.and AsChristina anAguilera actress,for shethe appearedMoulin onRouge televisionsoundtrack. showsThe suchsong aswas "Moesha"No. and1 "Theon Game,"the andBillboard onHot her100 for several weeks, making ownLil' Kim the realityfirst seriesfemale "Countdownrapper to Lockdown,"reach the top whichspot hason the hightest-ratedchart.

Her premierelatest inalbum, BET'sThe history.Naked OnTruth, film,debuted sheat hasNo. appeared6 inon the Billboard Hot 100, despite "Zoolander,"(or "She'sbecause Allof) That,"being "Juwannareleased while she was in prison Man,"for conspiracy and "Youperjury Gotconvictions Served."related Sheto isa currently2001 workingshooting onoutside hera 5thradio studio albumin isManhattan. expectedKim expects to berelease releasedher infifth 2009.album ( this year.