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Lawrence Taylor is one of the contestants for DWTS season 8. Learn more about Lawrence Taylor:

Lawrence TaylorNFL Hall-of-Famer
Professional partner: Edyta Sliwinska

Lawrence Taylor Bio: Lawrence Taylor is a member of the NFL Hall of Fame, generally considering to be one of the best players in the history of the game. As a linebacker with the New York Giants from 1981 through 1993, the original LT was the 1986 NFL most valuable player, a 10-time Pro Bowl selection, three-time defensive player of the year, and two-time Super Bowl champion.

Outside of football, LT was a bit of a mess. He failed two NFL drug tests early in his career, leading to a 30-day suspension from the league in 1988. After retiring, he was arrested twice for drug offenses before entering rehab and shaking his drug habits just prior to his induction into the Hall of Fame in 1999.

Since then, Lawrence has become a successful businessman and spokesman, and plays golf nearly every day. Lawrence was born in Williamsburg, Virginia, and played college football at North Carolina. His son Brandon will be playing college football at Purdue this fall.


Dance style
Week 1Cha Cha Cha65516
Week 2Quickstep76720
Week 3Samba76720

You can find more info about LT and his NFL career at the New York Giants Historical Wiki.