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Lawrence Taylor will be one of the contestants for DWTS season 8. Learn more about Lawrence Taylor:

Lawrence TaylorNFL Hall-of-Famer
Professional partner: Edyta Sliwinska

Bio: Widely regarded asLawrence theTaylor greatestBio: defensiveLawrence playerTaylor inis thea historymember of the National Football League,NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor rewrote the record book andFame, builtgenerally a legendaryconsidering followingto duringbe one of the most storiedbest careersplayers in the history of American sport.Taylorthe spentgame. hisAs entirea careerlinebacker with the New York Giants,Giants leading themfrom to1981 twothrough Super1993, Bowlthe titles.original TaylorLT was the first player in the1986 historyNFL tomost bevaluable selectedplayer, toa the10-time Pro Bowl inselection, tenthree-time consecutivedefensive seasons.player Heof wasthe alsoyear, anand unanimoustwo-time selectionSuper toBowl thechampion.

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