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Kym Johnson
Kym reached the finals in Season 4 with partner Joey Fatone, where they finished second. She partnered talk show host Jerry Springer during Season 3, where they finished the competition in 5th place, and also partnered Mark Cuban (Season 5, 7th place) and Penn Jillette (Season 6, 12th place).

Kym began ballroom dancing at the relatively late age of 15 when she was dragged along to lessons by her brother who decided it would be a good way to meet girls. She soon got the bug and it wasn't long before she was dancing competitively. In December 1998, she and then partner Tomas Atkocevicius came second at the Australian Dancesport Championships in the Open Amateur Modern ballroom.

Kym performed on the world tour of the modern ballroom stage show Burn the Floor. Kim further grabbed Australia's attention when she appeared on Dancing with the Stars (Australia), and as a result she also appeared in TV ads and dipped into the world of modeling with a sexy shoot for FHM magazine. Other highlights of her successful career include dancing at Elton John's 50th birthday party and appearing in the hit movie Strictly Ballroom. (

Kym Johnson

Kym Johnson
Kym Johnson and Mark Cuban

Kym Johnson and Mark Cuban (Season 5)
Kym Johnson

Kym Johnson
Kym Johnson and Joey Fatone

Season 4 runners-up Kym Johnson and Joey Fatone