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How to add picturesDuring Season 3, Karina partnered actor Mario Lopez into second place. Season 4, she partnered singer and actor Billy Ray Cyrus into fifth place. In Season 5 she partnered Floyd Mayweather into 9th place, and finished Season 6 with singer Mario in 5th place.

Born in the Ukraine, Karina came to the U.S. with her family at age 12. She began ballet lessons at the age of 5 before moving on to figure skating which she studied for an additional five years. At the age of nine, Karina was introduced to ballroom dancing and fell in love with it.

After high school Karina graduated from Fordham University with a law degree but put her academic studies on hold to pursue her ballroom dancing career in the United Kingdom. She recently appeared on Hannah Montana with Billy Ray Cyrus.

Karina and her former partner Slavik Kryklyvyy shared tremendous success winning the U.S. Championships and many other world titles and were ranked second in the world in the Latin division.