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How to add picturesBorn in Moscow and raised in America since the age of 2, Inna has been dancing since the age of 7. Her life has been a whirlwind of events from the very beginning, from travelling around the world to compete to practicing long hours on a daily basis.

Dancing was never just a hobby for her, but more of a lifestyle. Inna and her partner, Pavel, placed 11th at the World Championship in Tokyo, and placed 9th at the World Cup in Vancouver. The couple represented the U.S. at 6 world championships and are 3 time U.S. Amateur Champions. Taliat and Marina Tarsinov have been a major impact on their career together. They are still competing after 5 years, and are the current representatives to the worlds.

Pavel Pashkov & Inna Brayer started dancing together in 2003 as Youth Currently they are registered as a couple in USA. They dance in Amateur. (

Inna Brayer and Ted McGinley

Inna Brayer and Ted McGinley (Season 7)
Inna Brayer