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Inna BrayerBorn inInna MoscowBrayer andwas raisedborn in America since the age of 2, Inna hasRussia beenbut dancingraised sincein the age of 7.U.S., Herwhere lifeshe has been a whirlwindwon of events fromthree theU.S. veryamateur beginning,championships fromand travellingcompeted aroundin thesix world tochampionship competecompetitions toalong practicingwith long hours on a daily basis.Dancing washer neverpartner justPasha aPashkov. hobbyShe foronce her,partnered butprofessionally morewith ofMaksim aChmerikovskiy's Valentin.

Inna and her partner, Pavel, placed 11th at the World Championshipcompeted in Tokyo,Season and placed 9th at the World7 Cupof inDancing Vancouver.With The couple represented the U.S. at 6 world championships and are 3 time U.S. Amateur Champions. Taliat and Marina Tarsinov have been a major impact on their career together. TheyStars are still competing after 5 years, and are the currentwas representativespart toof the worlds.Pavel Pashkov & Inna Brayer startedsecond dancingcouple togethereliminated in 2003 as Youth Currently they are registered as a couplethe infirst USA.week, Theyalong dancewith inpartner Amateur.Ted (

Inna Brayer and Ted McGinley

Inna Brayer and Ted McGinley (Season 7)
Inna Brayer