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Gilles Marini will be one of the contestants for DWTS season 8. Learn more about Gilles Marini:

Gilles Marini Actor
Professional partner: Cheryl Burke

Bio: Gilles Marini explodedis ontoa theFrench sceneactor asand Dante,model thebest Casanovaknown livingfor inhis theextremely beachnaked houseshower nextscene doorin tohis Kimrole Cattrall'sas SamanthaDante in the "SexSex and the City" movie, a role whichCity hasmovie. earned him international recognition.Born and raised in France, Gilles joined the French army and was stationedborn in Paris,Grasse, where heFrance, actedand aswas a fireman forin the famous Brigade des Sapeurs Pompiers de Paris. After fulfilling his military duties, Gilles decidedFrench toarmy gobefore tomoving the United StatesU.S. to learn English while working asbe a model. Gilles, who has

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