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Edyta SliwinskaEdyta most recentlySliwinska reachedis the finalsonly professional dancer to appear on every season of Dancing With The Stars. Her best finish was with partnerNFL player Jason Taylor in Season 6,6, when they finished second to Olympic figure finishingskater second.Kristi Yamaguchi. She partneredhas also finished boxingthird once, with championactor EvanderJoey HolyfieldLawrence in Season 1,3, whereand theyfifth camethree intimes.

Edyta 5thhas place.been Ininvolved Seasonin 2some sheminor anddramas Georgewith HamiltonDancing alsoWith cameThe inStars. 5th.Her Duringoriginal Season 3,4 shepartner partneredVincent actorPastore Joeyof LawrenceThe andSopranos, theydropped cameout inbefore 3rdthe place.start Seasonof 4,the Edytashow partneredbecause actorit was too hard. (She and substitute John Ratzenberger intofinished sixth 6ththat place.season.) She ispoked her Season 7 partner Jeffrey Ross in the onlyeye professionalduring dancerrehearsals, leading him to appearwear inan alleye sevenpatch seasonsduring oftheir DancingWeek with1 theperformance, Stars.Edytaafter comeswhich fromthey awere workingeliminated. classLater Polishthat backgroundseason, andshe hasreplaced madeJulianne manyHough sacrificesas toCody pursueLinley's herpartner for two weeks while Hough recovered dreamfrom surgery.

Edyta is married to becomefellow theDWTS world'spro greatestAlec LatinMazo, dancer.who Shewas missesalso her familypartner greatlyin butdance feelscompetitions shefor isseveral years. They have been married since 2007 and have performed together on theDWTS roadresults toshows. She stardomappeared in thea dancingcommercial worldfor soJared's thejewelry sacrificestores isalong worthwith it.Alec ( Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Edyta Sliwinska and Jason Taylor

Season 6 runners-up Edyta Sliwinska and Jason Taylor
Edyta Sliwinska and Cameron Mathison

Edyta Sliwinska and Cameron Mathison (Season 5)
Edyta Sliwinska and Joey Lawrence

Edyta Sliwinska and Joey Lawrence