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Ever wonder what's in it for the stars and dancers, aside from fame and glory? There's not a lot of information out there about what the contestants on Dancing With The Stars make for each episode or season.

Howard Stern provided the most info after his wife Beth Ostrosky turned down an offer to appear on Season 3 of DWTS. He said she's been offered a base salary of of $125,000 to appear on the show, plus $20,000 per week that she managed to stay on the show without being eliminated, and a $50,000 bonus if the show was extended to a ninth-week recap show. Total: Up to $245,000 depending on when she was eliminated.

An undated item from Amazon Answers echoes the $245K claim, and says that the first-season stars only made $125,000 for the whole season, apparently before the show was the proven hit it later became.

As for the professional dancers, the only reference I could find (also undated) said they make $5,200 per episode, which seems like a seriously low number given the show's success and the increasing popularity of some of the pros like Julianne and Derek Hough.

Is there any more current information out there about how much the DWTS cast is paid?