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Dancing With the Stars Episode Recaps
week 1 recap

air dates: September 21, 22, 23

overview of this week's competition:
The fellas dance Monday, the ladies Tuesday, results on Wednesday when two couples get eliminated!


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judges' best quotes

Len Goodman
Carrie Ann Inaba
Bruno Tonioli
Len GoodmanCarrie Ann InabaBruno Tonioli
  • Len (to Chuck): "It was a little aggressive."
  • Carrie Ann (to Tom DeLay): "That was surreal."
  • Len (to Tom D): "Parts were magic, parts were tragic."
  • Bruno (to Tom D): "You're crazier than Sarah Palin."
  • Len (to Donny): "Too theatrical, too much razzamatazz"

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episode videos

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best moments

Louie Vito
Donny's facial expressions
Michael Irvin's solo boogie
Tom DeLay lip-synching "Wild Thing"
Louie's backflip at the start of the group salsa
This group of people sitting on a couch with their arms around each other: Michael Irvin, Donny Osmond, Louie Vito, Tom DeLay. Nowhere else on television....

cringe-inducing moments

Tom Delay
Bruno calling Louie a "hobbit"
Nearly any moment involving Tom DeLay
Donny falling onto his battery pack
Samantha trying and failing to get the stars to bag on each other after the group dances.

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What did you think of the first episode of Week 1?
Is Mark Dacascos still a dark horse?

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• Tuesday at 8pm: Ladies' night on DWTS!

dance cardsAaron Carter and Karina SmirnoffFirst Dance: Cha cha cha Scores: total score87722 Judges' Comments: Len: Full of potential. Great start to the show.Bruno: All the energy goes all over the placeCarrie Ann: Little Aaron Carter’s all grown up! Waltz Relay: 1st place, 10 points Ashley Hamilton and Edyta SliwinskaFirst Dance: Foxtrot Scores: total score65415 Judges Comments: Len: In all the basic steps your footwork was correct. It just had a roughness about it.Bruno: To me, this was dead. You have to sell it. Carrie Ann: I didn’t see anything that defined or separated you from everybody. Salsa Relay: 4th place, 4points Natalie Coughlin and Alec MazoDance: Scores: total score Judges Comments: Mya and Dmitry ChaplinDance: Scores: total score Judges Comments: Michael Irvin and Anna DemidovaDance: Scores: total score45413 Judges' Comments: Len: It wasn’t a great first dance. You’ve got to get slicker. Bruno: You have a great presence, but the cha cha cha was poor. The footwork was out, the content was out.Carrie Ann: You beat Jerry Rice’s charisma. You’ve got to fill it with way more dance moves. Waltz Relay: 3rd place, 6 points Melissa Joan Hart and Mark BallasDance: Scores: total score Judges' Comments: Mark Dacascos and Lacey SchwimmerDance: Cha cha cha Scores: total score77721 Judges' Comments: Len: I’m not a fan of gimmicks (kung-fu)Bruno: The talent is thereCarrie Ann: The arms are a little “woo choo” (flailing) Waltz Relay: 2nd place, 8 points Macy Gray and Jonathan RobertsDance: Scores: total score Judges' Comments: Louie Vito and Chelsie HightowerDance: Foxtrot Scores: total score76619 Judges' Comments: Len: Your hair’s not what you expect in a ballroom. I was surprised you could hear the music with it all hanging down. Your technique was very good. I enjoyed your dancing very much.Bruno: It was so cute. It was like watching a little dancing hobbit. If you carry on you’re going to be really, really good.Carrie Ann: I didn’t expect that from you. You obviously have not danced before. I really enjoyed it, it’s truly fun to watch. Salsa Relay: 2nd place, 8 points Kelly Osbourne and Louis van AmstelDance: Scores: total score Judges' Comments: Kathy Ireland and Tony DovolaniDance: Scores: total score Judges' Comments: Joanna Krupa and Derek HoughDance: Scores: total score Judges' Comments: Debi Mazar and Maksim ChmerkovskiyDance: Scores: total score Judges' Comments: Chuck Liddell and Anna TrebunskayaDance: Foxtrot Scores: total score56516 Judges' Comments: Bruno: The footwork was poor, the hands terrible, and the timing wentCarrie Ann: You’re not graceful yet, but you were smoothLen: It was much better than I thought it was going to be. I want you to get in touch with your feminine side, a little bit more graceful. Salsa Relay: 3rd, 6 points Donny Osmond and Kym JohnsonFirst Dance: Foxtrot Scores: total score67720 Judges' Comments: Bruno: You can play an audience like a master fiddler – full-frontal theatrical, and it works. But the foxtrot wasn’t as good as the theatricality.Carrie Ann: You’re obviously going to be a fan favoriteLen: For me, too theatrical, too much razzmatazz Salsa Relay: 1st place, 10 points Tom DeLay and Cheryl BurkeDance: Scores: total score56516 Judges' Comments: Bruno: You’re crazier than Sarah Palin. The little cha cha you did was not bad, the rest, I am not sure.Carrie Ann: That was surreal. You’re very light on your feet, you have a natural grace to you. You’re rockin’ it for the older crowd.Len: Parts were magic, parts were tragic. Waltz Relay: 4th place, 4 points

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