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Len: "Then we have the jitterbug... er, the Lindy Hop."
Tom: "That's what happens when you don't come to rehearsal."

Bruno: "That was the tale of a fatal meeting. with the promise of forbidden pleasure"

Lawrence: "I'll still be married after this dance, right?"
Edyta: "We'll see."

Samantha (who has a cold): "I'm going through puberty, can't you tell?"

Tom (about Samantha's voice): "It's kind of a Brenda Vaccaro smoky. An old reference, I know."

Tom: "Is it just me or is Bruno starting to look like a tan Bela Lugosi?"

Carrie Ann (to Lawrence): "You looked like you were a little afraid of Edyta."
Tom: "Wouldn't you be?"

Tom: "Little Lenny Hardbutt."

Len (to Ty): "There was a tiddly blunder."

Bruno (to Ty): "You were jumping and kicking with the vitality of a young stallion!"

Holly: "Call me crazy, but..."
Samantha: "CRAZY!"

Steve-O: "I just gotta get out there and say gosh dang darn it, what the hey."


Ty: "You know, I'm just trying not to be horrible."

Steve: "More shocked than any time in my life, except maybe when I got divorce papers."

Len (to Carrie Ann): "I want to get that in my ear, I'll go home and talk to my wife."

Tom (to Len): "That's the first metaphor of yours I've actually understood."

Lawrence: "I had to give up my golf because I'm giving up so much study time on the samba. and I don't give up my golf for nobody."

Tom: "If they get through this week, Edyta's going to wear the other half of this outfit."

Carrie Ann (about Woz): "You tried to do the worm. It was more like an earthworm."

Len (about Woz): "It was consistent; it was terrible from start to finish."

Bruno (about Woz): "This was probably the worst Samba I've ever seen."

Bruno (to Kim): "You are a pocket sized Venus with a super-sized sex appeal."


Holly: "Every day's a Holly day!"

Holly: "I've been Miss March, April, July, September & October."

Bruno (about Holly's quickstep): "You looked like you're running for a bus most of the time."

David Alan Grier: "How did Cloris Leachman do it? What was that woman on?"

Len Goodman (about David and Kim's salsa): "It was all sizzle and no sausage."

Samantha (to Belinda): "I'm going to hold you."

Ty Murray: "My cha cha was really just a cha, 'cause I forgot half of it."

Len (about Ty): "Last week a caterpillar, this week a butterfly."

Len (also about Ty): "You've got to watch your hand, it looks like a bunch of bananas on her back."

Samantha: "The cowboy turns into a caterpillar and blossoms out there."

Tom: "The mobisodes are back. I'm excited about that and I don't even know what that means."

Samantha: "Bam! Bam!"

Bruno: "That was a juicy salsa. So much flavor and so much content to satisfy the most demanding appetite."

Woz: "We need all of your votes. But don't cheat."
Karina: (pause) "Cheat!"

Derek: "I'm on the level of Steve Wozniak. I have the same sort of genius."

Tom: "We've come to this: Lacey is the voice of caution."

Chuck: "Is it bad when I call her 'Little Kim?'"

David: "I think Gilles is a very attractive Frenchwoman."


Lil' Kim: "I want to dedicate my first dance to my girls in federal detention. This one's for you."

Lil' Kim, about Derek: "I'm like a black Barbie, and he's my Ken."

Tom Bergeron: "A standing O from Nancy O'Dell, and believe me, it hurts when she does that."

Steve-O: "I just wanted to put my foot in the waltz's butt."

Bruno Tonioli, to Cheryl about Gilles: "You've got something to play with this time."

Len Goodman, to Woz: "Overall, it was a disaster."

Ty Murray: "Are there any parts that aren't embarrassing? 'Cause let's start with those ones."

Ty Murray: "When you're a cowboy and you go on Dancing with the Stars, you're gonna hear from a lot of guys you haven't heard from in a long time."