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**Create a graphical index Season to all episodes of7 the(Fall show.**2008)
TipsFirst forplace: creatingBrooke anBurke episodeand index:Derek Hough
Use the "Manage Page" dropdown menu located in the foot of the Page Toolbox at right to rename this page by the followingSecond convention:place: [ShowWarren Name]Sapp Episode Guide Example:Grey's Anatomy Episodeand GuideKym Johnson
Delete the image placeholders in the table below to add a representative image for each episode. (You can also just create text links to the episode guides,Third ifplace: youLance don'tBass have images.)Delete or add rows or columns to the table grid by right-clicking on the table and selectingLacey the corresponding menu option.Schwimmer

Fourth Makingplace: episodeCody pages:Create aLinley page(actor) forand eachJulianne episodeHough
Fifth byplace: selectingMaurice theGreene "Add(Olympic asprinter) newand page"Cheryl optionBurke
Sixth inplace: theSusan PageLucci Toolbox.Copy(actress) and paste the contentsTony of theDovolani
Seventh Sampleplace: EpisodeCloris GuideLeachman Template(actress) intoand eachCorky episodeBallas
Eighth pageplace: youToni create.Braxton This(singer) isand aAlec handyMazo
Ninth wayplace: toRocco createDiSpirito pages(celebrity quicklychef) and consistently! ComeKarina backSmirnoff
Withdrew: toMisty theMay-Treanor episode(Olympic guidevolleyball indexplayer) and create links to theMaksim episode pages you've added.Chmerkovskiy
Once11th youplace: haveKim createdKardashian your(reality episodeTV guidestar) index,and deleteMark theBallas
12th tipplace: textTed above.McGinley (actor) Episodeand 1 EpisodeInna 2 Brayer
Episode13th 3 Episodeplace: 4 EpisodeJeffrey 5 EpisodeRoss 6 Episoder(comedian) 7 Episode 8 Episode 9Episode 10Episode 11Episode 12Episode 13Episode 14Episode 15 and Edyta Sliwinska