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Dancing With the Stars Episode Recaps
dwts week 1: Season premiere! 12 couples Viennese Waltz & Cha Cha.
dwts week 1
dwts week 2: 11 couples perform a Quickstep or Jive.

dwts week 3: Most Memorable Year of the stars' lives.
dwts week 4: Dances to themes from iconic Movies.
dwts week 5: It's 80s week! All songs celebrated during the 1980s!
dwts week 6: Songs from Broadway plays, as well as a group dance.
dwts week 7: DEAD from Hollywood, it's a Halloween theme!
dwts week 8: Couples dance 2 dances! One being instant choreo.
dwts week 9: It's the Semis! Who will make it to the finale?
dwts week 10: The three finalists tackle 4 dances in one week!

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