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week two episode recaps

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March 29

What a night this was! This week the teams danced either the jive or the foxtrot.

We saw the first tens of the season, and a record number of partner "tiffs" and "meltdowns" during rehearsals.

After two dances, there is definitely a couple in danger of going home...we will see if the fans can save them tomorrow night.

March 30

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Dancing With the Stars Best Quotes
Len Goodman
Carrie Ann Inaba
Bruno Tonioli
Len Goodman Carrie Ann Inaba Bruno Tonioli

  • Bruno to Buzz, "The man on the moon got stuck on the foxtrot. It looked like you were avoiding craters."

  • Len to Pamela, "You've been titivating yourself."

  • Len to Erin and the other Celebs about their training: "Turn up - Keep up - Shut up."

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Dancing With the Stars Videos

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Dancing With the Stars Best Moments

- Evan's home town visit

- Nicole receives 2 tens for her jive.

- Cheryl kissing Chad...too funny!

Dancing With the Stars Cringe-inducing Moments

- Kate questioning Tony's teaching methods.

- All the fights during rehearsals.

- Kate being totally lost on the dance floor.
- Edyta elbows Aiden...twice during their dance.
- Erin's "un-princessy" burp.

Talk about this episode of Dancing with the Stars
It is only week two, and we have seen so many of the partnerships melt down into arguments and tears. Is this all for the camera?...because resolutions are quick to come within seconds of throwing their hands up in total frustration. Are WE being played?
Do you think that the producers should be more careful in choosing the Celebs? Specifically, I mean Kate Gosselin! Her abject fear is very uncomfortable to watch, and part of the enjoyment of the show is to watch these people have fun doing something they wouldn't ordinarily do. Should they stick to real performers? Share your opinions here!

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