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Week 1.................................................................................................
Tom Bergeron: "Chest pumps and bootie bumps is Bruno's territory."

Tom Bergeron to Aiden and Edyta: "We are about one gust of wind away from an F.C.C. fine."

Bruno to Shannen: "You were swinging your arms around like a primate."

Maks about Erin: 'Erin is such a perfectionist , she stops herself before she does something wrong"

Niecy Nash: "I was so grateful that I got a bite of a hamburger before we started dancing."

Bruno about Evan: "You've got the wing span of a 747."

Bruno to Buzz: "It looked like you had moon boots on."

Bruno to Aiden: "It was like Kenny Maine all over again."

Bruno to Kate: "It looked like Tony was pushing a shopping cart around the floor."

Bruno to Pamela: " I can only think of sex, sex, sex..."

Len to Pamela: " Overall, it was a mess." to which Bruno replied: "But the sex was good!"

Maks to Erin: " It's my only pleasure in life, to bit*h, and you have taken that away from me."

Week 2

Tom Bergeron in reference to cheesecake, "On this show you get to see a lot of it".

Tom Bergeron to Carrie Ann after she was booed for her "lift" comment, "Hey Carrie Ann, could you feel the love?"

Tom Bergeron, "I'm actually worried that Maks' ego will not survive the season."

Tom Bergeron about cutting Bruno off, "That's the first time in ten years he has taken a cue from me."

Tom Bergeron after Pamela's "Marilyn Monroe" inspired dance, "I don't know what they (the judges) are going to say, but a bus load of Kennedy's just pulled up."

Brooke Burke to Derek Hough, "Who is more fun to dance with...me or Nicole?"

Niecy Nash, "Dancing was a dream deferred ever since I got kicked out of my 8th grade dance class."

Niecy Nash on Louis' teaching method, "He has to speak "food" to me."

Jake Pavelka, "It's like a defence mechanism...like a porcupine with it's quills standing up."

Buzz Aldrin, "We'll hang in there as long as we can."

Buzz Aldrin, "I'm going to give it the Aldrin oomph."

Nicole Scherzinger, "I'm actually very scared of him (Len)."

Maksim Chmerkovskiy, "I find it hard being the calm one in the partnership...when did that happen?"

Pamela Anderson, "Of all the things I've done in my life, I'm not going to die on the foxtrot."

Pamela Anderson, "I think everybody has seen all the sides of Pamela."

Kate Gosselin to Tony, "I love how you teach, but you're not taking into consideration how I learn."

Week 3

Tom Bergeron, "Buzz, you want to throw something at Len, forget the hat...throw this." (holding up a duffel bag)

Tom Bergeron to Jake and Chelsie, "Cleopatra and her sarcopha-guy".

Tom Bergeron, "Brooke and I are the only couple who get to fight on this show."

Evan Lysacek, "I love me some acting."

Niecy Nash, "I love my boyfriend so much, and if I could not be with him because a law said, or society said that, I would be devastated."

Tom Bergeron to Bruno, who kept saying that Jake was back, etc. "Rolling your "R's" is back".

Erin Andrews, "This is going to be really hot or kinky inappropriate."

Tom Bergeron to Erin and Maks," It's a shame that you two don't have any chemistry."

Tom Bergeron to Erin about Len, "Apparently, you weren't the only one blindfolded."

Tom Bergeron to Kate Gosselin about Bruno's evaluation, "...and Super B!tch from hell is the compliment in that critique."

Nicole Scherzinger, "None of this comes naturally... I'll look like an idiot."

Week 4

Tom Bergeron about the Tango, "The judges want to Viennses crossovers...and a contre check, which was popular during the Reagan administration."

Tom Bergeron about Kym and Dmitry's Rumba, "Kym and Dmitry showing three specific moves and 2% body fat."

Tom Bergeron about Niecy's low marks, "Want to jump on the popularity band wagon, Carrie Ann?"

Tom Bergeron, "They used the Vincent Price lighting on Len."

Tom Bergeron to Edyta, "Love the outfit!"

Bruno Tonioli, "Pamela has got the sex in her blood."

Tom Bergeron to the judges, "Do you guys want some orange juice or a candy bar to get the blood sugar up?"

Tom Bergeron about his appearance on the show Castle, "See what happens to me on the 'all Bergeron channel'."

Len Goodman to Erin Andrews, "From the ankles up you sure look sweet, but from the ankles down you've got sloppy feet."

Evan Lysacek, "If I don't do it right I will just break another toe...three is my lucky number anyway."

Niecy Nash, "I got a angel kicking in... a angel and some caffeine."

Brooke to Aiden after bad reviews by the judges, "Come into the nice room with us."

Chad Ochocinco about Cheryl, "Is that really bad for me to love her after four weeks?"

Week 5

Tom Bergeron, "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that bling."

Tom Bergeron, "That was Len from 'How the Grinch Stole Xmas'."

Tom Bergeron after Bruno gave his comments about Kate's dance: "Eight little friends just stripped Bruno's car."

Niecy Nash: "I'm looking forward to shaking things I didn't even know I had."

Niecy Nash about the Jive: "The Jive is probably the fastest I have ever moved...dancing. This is a family show."

Chad Ochocinco about Cheryl: "She is so happy, she is going to kiss me right now....right now....right now....wait for it."

Maksim Chmerkovskiy: "the entire week is going to be according to Maks...cause that's how Maks likes it."

Pamela Anderson getting into her character for the dance: " I am the secretary that's constantly being abused...and I kinda like it."

Tony Dovolani: "Kate has no motivation and I have to push her each week."

Kate Gosselin to Tony: "Isn't it fun when you ask me to do something and I actually do it?" and Tony replies, "You have no idea."

Nicole Scherzinger; "Tonight I'm hoping to channel this character and Tango past Evan Lysacek."

Evan Lysacek to Anna Trebunskaya: "Do you wanna dance with me...check these moves out."

Week 6

Tom Bergeron: "In a moment we will see if Len forgot to bring another paddle besides the "7"."

Tom Bergeron: "You know, Bruno, sometimes you are just weird."

Tom Bergeron when Pamela wore a brunette wig: "we seem to be missing a blonde."

Tom Bergeron after the replay of Jake's stumble: "I hope you enjoyed our "salt in the wounds' slow motion."

Tom Bergeron: "unless my short term memory failed me, tonights show is brought to you by the paddle 7."

Maksim Chmerkovskiy: "I'm going to get institutionalized after this season is over... for sure... without a doubt."

Pamela Anderson: "I prefer to be on top."

Chad Ochocinco: "The Argentine Tango is all about the chest and hips being pushed together.... I think I'm going to like it."

Anna Trebunskaya to Evan: "I need to see your hips moving much wilder than that."

Erin Andrews: "I am an over thinker."

Week 7

Len Goodman: after saying that Chad's arms were full of fluidity, he turned to the other judges and said, "I won't tell you what I think these two are full of".

Tom Bergeron: (after Bruno made a comment about Len's bright tie) "Len, you do look like you got dressed at Pixar before you came down here".

Tom Bergeron: (after Carrie Ann gave a great comment to Nicole and then followed it with a bad one) "That was a deft way of suckering her into that".

Tom Bergeron: (after Len told Nicole to come to his trailer to sort out the technical issues) "Come see my tie collection!".

Tom Bergeron: (after Len's comments to Pamela) "By the way, if you're just joining us, welcome to "Double Entendre Theatre".

Week 8

Niecy Nash: "I got some other parts of my body that heavier than my head, trust me."

Tom Bergeron to the audience about Bruno: "You should know when you boo him it is like fuel for him...he eats it up"