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Week 1.................................................................................................
Tom Bergeron: "Chest pumps and bootie bumps is Bruno's territory."

Tom Bergeron to Aiden and Edyta: "We are about one gust of wind away from an F.C.C. fine."

Bruno to Shannen: "You were swinging your arms around like a primate."

Maks about Erin: 'Erin is such a perfectionist , she stops herself before she does something wrong"

Niecy Nash: "I was so grateful that I got a bite of a hamburger before we started dancing."

Bruno about Evan: "You've got the wing span of a 747."

Bruno to Buzz: "It looked like you had moon boots on."

Bruno to Aiden: "It was like Kenny Maine all over again."

Bruno to Kate: "It looked like Tony was pushing a shopping cart around the floor."

Bruno to Pamela: " I can only think of sex, sex, sex..."

Len to Pamela: " Overall, it was a mess." to which Bruno replied: "But the sex was good!"

Maks to Erin: " It's my only pleasure in life, to bit*h, and you have taken that away from me."

Week 2

Tom Bergeron in reference to cheesecake, "On this show you get to see a lot of it".

Tom Bergeron to Carrie Ann after she was booed for her "lift" comment, "Hey Carrie Ann, could you feel the love?"

Tom Bergeron, "I'm actually worried thathat Maks' ego will not survive the season."

Tom Bergeron about cutting Bruno off, "That's the first time in ten years he has taken a cue from me."

Tom Bergeron after Pamela's "Marilyn Monroe" inspired dance, "I don't know what they (the judges) are going to say, but a bus load of Kennedy's just pulled up."

Brooke Burke to Derek Hough, "Who is more fun to dance or Nicole?"

Niecy Nash, "Dancing was a dream deferred ever since I got kicked out of my 8th grade dance class."

Niecy Nash on Louis' teaching method, "He has to speak "food" to me."

Jake Pavelka, "It's like a defence a porcupine with it's quills standing up."

Buzz Aldrin, "We'll hang in there as long as we can."

Buzz Aldrin, "I'm going to give it the Aldrin oomph."

Nicole Scherzinger, "I'm actually very scared of him (Len)."

Maksim Chmerkovskiy, "I find it hard being the calm one in the partnership...when did that happen?"

Pamela Anderson, "Of all the things I've done in my life, I'm not going to die on the foxtrot."

Pamela Anderson, "I think everybody has seen all the sides of Pamela."

Kate Gosselin to Tony, "I love how you teach, but you're not taking into consideration how I learn."