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Len Goodman
“That would frighten children.”

“You've bitterly disappointed me.”

“I like it how I like it!”

“I thought you were going to pull your knickers off.”

“The rumba isn't about a story of a gigolo and strumpet.”

“Careful doesn't win Dancing With The Stars.”

“You got all the gear at the rear.”

“It was like hanky-panky in the back of a Chevy.”

“At my age it takes a lot to get me excited.”

“Three words: Fab... u... lous!”

“If you're in the bottom two tomorrow, I'll show my bum in the supermarket.”

To NFL star and Season 6 runner-up Jason Taylor: “It's like looking in a mirror."

To Mario: "You're only 21. I have underpants older than you!”

To Cloris Leachmen: "Mind your clevage!"

Bruno Tonioli
“You look like a crazy bear lost in a swamp.”

“The cha-cha-cha needs a slut.”

About Apolo and Julianne: “They made love on the dance floor!”

“Do you have extra batteries in your pants?”

“You look like you’re riding a bike.”

“Your rumba was so hot, I need an ice bucket.”

“I want you to be a dirty girl.”

To Marissa: “I want you to push more on the sex and become more dirty.”

To Drew and Cheryl: “You two can ride each other like no other!”

“Kristi Yamalicious tonight!”

Len: “I've had enough of him.”
Bruno: “I've had enough of you, then!”

Carrie Ann Inaba
(To Jason) “You have big man syndrome”

“Adam Carolla was sexy out there.”

“These weird sounds keep coming out of me.”

“It was green, it was cute, that's what it was.”

Tom Bergeron
“Len, I just have one word for you: Fiber.”

To Len: “Can I ask you a question? How is your romantic life?”

To Len: “We'll start with you, sunshine.”

“Next up is the star who brought tears to Carrie Ann. Now can she melt Len's cold, black heart?”

“The last time Len had a six-pack, it came with a bottle opener.”

“This isn’t just a popularity contest. It's a popularity contest with sequins.”

“Thank God this isn't live.”

“We’re making the world a better place, one low score at a time.”

(About Marissa) “She gets so excited, I feel like I danced well.”

“Seven gallons of spray tan has been used. Mostly on Edyta.”

“Last week, Len revealed that he had underpants older than our first star [Mario]. Let's scrub that image out of our heads.”

“How do you get spray tan off of a suit?”

“Can BFFs Jason and Christian put friendship aside?”

To Mark and Sabrina: “I think I speak for many people in America, when I say, ‘Get a room.’”

Edyta Sliwinska
“There is no time for friendship!”

Mark Ballas

“The rumba is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.”

“You've got to shake it and bake it.”

Tony Dovolani
“That wasn't very sexy.”

“It's flicky and kicky.”

Derek Hough
To Shannon: “I'm gonna slap you. She's such a perfectionist.”

About Brooke: “I slapped her around a little.”

Samantha: “You set a specific goal this week. That was to beat Kristi. Now she got a 29 tonight, you got a 24. What is it gonna take to beat her?”
Derek: “A shot gun.”

Julianne Hough
About Adam Carolla: “If he could only not talk so much.”

Adam Carolla (Season 6)
About Julianne: “I lost twenty pounds of fat, but I gained 105 pounds of angel. I love this girl!”

“I feel bad for Julianne. She deserves better.”

”When I saw Julianne as my partner, I was like, ‘Crap, I'm gonna be the one to ruin her winning streak.’”

To Julianne: “It's all right, babe, you don't need to know math, you’re hot.”

To Derek and Julianne: “First of all, check out the Stepford siblings here. We should bring you two right to the lab and start breeding you.”

Julianne: “Screw the judges! I can’t believe I just said, ‘Screw the judges.’”
Adam: “Well, that's what we might have to do to get higher scores.”

Julianne: “When I saw him, I thought, ‘Who paired us together!?’”
Adam: “God did.”

“I'm a 75-percenter giving you 95 percent!”

“Are there any dances that favor the guys with the rolled shoulders and the low self-esteem?”

“I'm supposed to get in a nine-piece suit and look relaxed doing something I'm not good at?”

“I'm not saying there are a couple of gay guys up stairs. OK, maybe just one.”