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DWTS Hosts - DWTS - Dancing With The Stars

Tom Bergeron
(2005- present)

Tom Bergeron has been the host of Dancing With The Stars since its first season in 2005. He won an Emmy for his work on Hollywood Squares, which he hosted from 1998-2004, and has been the host of America's Funniest Home Videos since 2001.

Born in Massachusetts, Tom hosted local news and entertainment shows for many years before moving on to his first national gig, hosting the morning talk show Breakfast Time on FX. He later filled in as a guest host on ABC's Good Morning America and CBS' The Early Show.

Recently, Tom co-hosted the 2008 Emmys with fellow reality show hosts Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Jeff Probst and Ryan Seacrest. He and his wife Lois have two children.

Tom has been nominated for an Emmy as best host of a reality series in both 2008 and 2009.


"I wouldn't jump too much in that dress, Samantha."

(After the squabbling over Ty's dance): "Our judges' dinner reservations are for three tables of one."

"Len Goodman, the wet blanket of the west."

"I think that solo is already being downloaded on the internet."

"There's much more dancing to come, out here with me and the Bickersons."

Len: "Then we have the jitterbug... er, the Lindy Hop."
Tom: "That's what happens when you don't come to rehearsal."

(About Samantha's voice): "It's kind of a Brenda Vaccaro smoky. An old reference, I know."

"Is it just me or is Bruno starting to look like a tan Bela Lugosi?"

Carrie Ann (to Lawrence): "You looked like you were a little afraid of Edyta."
Tom: "Wouldn't you be?"

"Little Lenny Hardbutt."

"I say this as a friend: You make one ugly woman, Maks."

"That's the first metaphor of yours I've actually understood."

"If they get through this week, Edyta's going to wear the other half of this outfit."

"The mobisodes are back. I'm excited about that and I don't even know what that means."

"A standing O from Nancy O'Dell, and believe me, it hurts when she does that."

“Len, I just have one word for you: Fiber.”

To Len: “Can I ask you a question? How is your romantic life?”

To Len: “We'll start with you, sunshine.”

“Next up is the star who brought tears to Carrie Ann. Now can she melt Len's cold, black heart?”

“The last time Len had a six-pack, it came with a bottle opener.”

“This isn’t just a popularity contest. It's a popularity contest with sequins.”

“Thank God this isn't live.”

“We’re making the world a better place, one low score at a time.”

(About Marissa) “She gets so excited, I feel like I danced well.”

“Seven gallons of spray tan has been used. Mostly on Edyta.”

“Last week, Len revealed that he had underpants older than our first star [Mario]. Let's scrub that image out of our heads.”

“How do you get spray tan off of a suit?”

“Can BFFs Jason and Christian put friendship aside?”

To Mark and Sabrina: “I think I speak for many people in America, when I say, ‘Get a room.’”

To the audience after they booed the judges score.
"I'm giving your booing a seven"

To Niecy Nash and Louis van Amstel:
"Way to work the jiggly parts"

To Len after he gave Buzz Aldrin a critical review:
"By the way, how's that British space program going."

Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke joins Dancing With The Stars as co-host for Season 10, replacing Samantha Harris. She was a former model and TV Host, and was also the Season 7 champion of Dancing With The Stars.

Brooke was the host of a musical talent show called Rockstar for two seasons, and had also modeled for various swimsuit covers.

Brooke has been married twice, and has four children, two from each marriage.

We will see if Brooke will be liked or disliked starting Season 10!